Monday Morning Musings

I’ve missed Mass for about three consecutive weeks now.  I don’t like it, really, I don’t.  Half the time, the other five people in my family have prior engagements or decide that going is too much of a hassle.  Yesterday, though, I was home sick while my family went to Mass.  I know it’s not my fault for staying home on a Sunday morning throwing up and feeling miserable, but I still need to make amends.  I’m in luck.  The first week of every month, the religion class periods are spent in Adoration and there are priests available for Reconciliation.  I need that this week.


How’s my faith right now?  Good, I think.  No worse than usual, at the very least.  That doesn’t really satisfy me, though.  I want Christ in every part of me, smoothing and refining my rough edges and teaching me to love everyone and everything.  Hopefully, this week will lead me closer to Him.

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings

  1. We’ve all felt like this at some stage or another. It’s really hard to go to Mass if everyone else is either watching a movie, going to dinner, meeting up with family/friends, but actually, that’s a great time to witness to them. Your choice is a witness to your relationship with Jesus.
    Have you considered Reconciliation in reparation? it always is a good choice for me.

    • Yes, Reconciliation is wonderful! The last time I went, I was moved to tears. My Confession experiences have been really powerful, a place in my life where I really, truly see God working. I do need to go to Confession soon….

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