Why homosexual acts cannot be approved or celebrated by the Church

This is very helpful. I agree with Cardinal Francis George’s statement: “What was once a request to live and let live has now become a demand for approval.” We can and must accept others in spite of their sins, but the actions are still sinful. Society wants us to adjust our morals to be “politically correct”, but the truth of sexual morality lies in our bodily design. God created sex and marriage for a man and woman to procreate. Gay marriage is an oxymoron in and of itself because procreation is physically impossible. There is no need to shame or condemn others, but we must recognize sin for what it is.

By Msgr. Charles Pope:

imagesIn recent years, homosexuality has frequently been in the news. An increasingly nationwide effort to make homosexual acts something to celebrate has gained great ground and sowed serious confusion even among those who describe themselves as Christian and Catholic. Hence, it is necessary once again to instruct on this matter and to reassert what Scripture plainly teaches and why the Church cannot affirm what the world demands we affirm.

An essential fact is that the Scriptures are very clear in unambiguously, uncompromisingly declaring homosexual acts as a serious sin and as disordered. “Disordered” here means that they are acts that are not ordered to their proper end or purpose. Sexual acts are, by their very nature, ordered to procreation and to the bonding of the mother and father who will raise the children conceived by their sexual intimacy. These ends or purposes have been intrinsically joined by God, and we are…

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