The Reason by Lacey Sturm

The Bottom of a Bottle

I was so please this morning when I woke to find the book I had pre-ordered a month or so ago had downloaded to my phone.  I did intend to get up and walk this morning, but I found myself reading the first few pages and then getting so engrossed in the book, if I wasn’t supposed to be at work I would have stayed there and read the whole thing.

I’ve read and heard part of Lacey’s testimony before, which if you haven’t please take a moment to watch this youtube video.

I’m still only part way through, but I am thoroughly captivated by a story of young girl who hides in the darkness, who runs and hides in the shadows, turning away from God, but she also highlights the point we all need to know and that through it all God was with her in the darkness and…

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