A Fresh Take on Transubstantiation (For Me, At Least)

It’s 7:07am here, and yes, I’ve pulled an all-nighter.  I get caught up in the endless information the internet offers me, and I forget to sleep.  I’ve spent the last hour or so on Listverse, reading lists relating to Catholic theology and Church history.  Naturally, a religion-centered article is bound to spark controversy on a secular site.  I read through the comments, and I noticed a heated debate going over the concept of “one true Church.”  Anyway, a Catholic girl was attempting to explain that one of the major aspects of Catholicism that distinguishes us from all other Christian sects is the Eucharist:

God created everything. Creation bows to the Will of the Creator. Jesus is God. Therefore, Creation bows to His Will. When He said “this is my body,” it did not matter that it physically was unleavened bread. When the Father said, “Let there be Light,” Creation simply obeyed. So it is when the Son said, “this is my body.”

Whoa.  I’m a pretty well-versed Catholic, and I’ve heard a lot of really great theological explanations of the Transubstantiation, but something about this girl’s words really blew my mind.  I mean, I can’t count the Sundays I’ve sat in the pews waiting for Communion and trying to wrap my mind around the fact that the wine and unleavened bread become, through the celebration of the Mass, the real, physical Blood and Body of Christ.  I work so hard at trying to rationalize this mystery.  I practically beg for the spiritual understanding to grasp this great mystery, but reading the Listverse comment really changed my perspective.

God is not bound to the physical limitations of this world.  The Living Truth, the great I AM need only speak, and the Truth is born from His lips.  Creation bows to the Will of the Creator.  Wow, that’s mind-boggling.  The concept of Word Made Flesh is, at once, simple and infinitely beyond human cognizance.  God is great, is all I can say.

Well, I really should go to sleep.  The sun is rising, and my oxygen-deprived migraine is starting to kick in.

— ♥thelightiswhite

In the beginning was the Word: the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.  – John 1:1-2

One thought on “A Fresh Take on Transubstantiation (For Me, At Least)

  1. That’s right! It is amazing to ponder that every single word of Jesus’ has or is being or will be fulfilled, especially about the Eucharist, and the promises he made to those who pray. I hope you enjoyed your catch-up sleep.

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