The Prayer of St. Francis

I’ve been thinking for a while that I want to start posting more music.  Over the last few years, I’ve found a good amount of worship music, and it’s helped me out so much.  As my favorite prodigal son St. … Continue reading

Monday Morning Musings

I’ve missed Mass for about three consecutive weeks now.  I don’t like it, really, I don’t.  Half the time, the other five people in my family have prior engagements or decide that going is too much of a hassle.  Yesterday, though, I was home sick while my family went to Mass.  I know it’s not my fault for staying home on a Sunday morning throwing up and feeling miserable, but I still need to make amends.  I’m in luck.  The first week of every month, the religion class periods are spent in Adoration and there are priests available for Reconciliation.  I need that this week.


How’s my faith right now?  Good, I think.  No worse than usual, at the very least.  That doesn’t really satisfy me, though.  I want Christ in every part of me, smoothing and refining my rough edges and teaching me to love everyone and everything.  Hopefully, this week will lead me closer to Him.

Religious Flame Wars for Christ?



How on earth can I keep myself from getting angry and spiteful and fired up when I come across blogs like this?  It’s really, really difficult.  Like, really.  I think Catholic hate from other self-professed Christians upsets me even more than hardcore atheists attacking religion as a whole.  I just can’t help but feel like, just maybe, running a “Christian” hate blog about Catholicism and Islam isn’t all that Christlike.  Correct me if I’m wrong.

I don’t think Jesus cries tears of joy in heaven every time one of His disciples verbally attacks another.  I just can’t really see that happening.  I mean, I know that we Catholics have done our share of casting stones, but even the one true Church—especially the one true Church—has to realize that we are first and foremost the hands and feet of Christ.  People who don’t know Christ can only come to know Him through His Body on earth.

Getting into a religious flame war with the Christian Spook guy might feel satisfying, but in the end, it’s not about what I want.  This is not about me.  This is about the God I serve.  If I’m truly His hands and feet, I have to swallow my pride, the part of me that wants to lash out.  I have to act like Christ, not like Katy.  That’s what I’m trying to do these days.